Intelligent Logic Systems

If you’ve read the Organon Sutra, then you have learned how nature developed Natural Intelligence. (If you have not read the Organon Sutra, then nothing that follows here will have any real meaning. It is inconceivable how any artificial intelligence can be engineered without a thorough understanding of natural intelligence…).

So now, the First Frontier Project will set about demonstrating an engineering plan for Artificial Intelligence.

And much like the presentation of the Organon Sutra, which had to explain so much introductory material before detailing the essential messages in natural intelligence, the engineering of AI is just as nuanced.

Indeed, the Organon Sutra and this engineering plan are really two pillars supporting one over-arching effort: Bringing the phenomenal tool of artificial intelligence to bear on the real and present issues people need solving.

Like a crescent wrench that can be adjusted to fit any size nut, true AI is a tool that can be applied to fit any problem that can be set into some semantic picture, but unlike a crescent wrench, and just about every programmed computer application today, true AI is designed to adjust itself to the problem.

Just about every useful software tool designed today requires the user to invest a period of time just learning how to use the tool, before it can be applied to any particular problem the user might have. And the more useful the application, the steeper the learning curve.

Not only does true artificial intelligence have an enormous range of application, much greater than today’s programmed computer applications, but the tool learns to adapt itself to the user, instead of demanding a period of technical training before even becoming useful.

However, putting all of the right pieces together so that everything meshes with everything else requires a completely different engineering mindset than that which is employed by contemporary digital designers.

And an entirely different Logic.

Which is where the dialog will begin the next discussion.

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