The Organon Sutra

An Engineering Plan for 21st Century Self-Programming Technology


Because the Organon Sutra will fundamentally challenge some cherished notions in neuroscience, it will be attacked and denounced by those with an established academic agenda. Yet this will merely lend credence to its real truth and utility…

Even as a summary, this dialog is a lengthy and convoluted document, because artificial intelligence is a very complex endeavor, and the sheer depth required to appreciate its subtleties will require determined effort by those who desire to follow its calling.

But the inquiring reader will be rewarded with insights available nowhere else in the AI literature.

Love it or hate it, You can’t ignore it.



A problem is something that is puzzling and promising, and research carries this excitement into action, which in discovery culminates in triumphant satisfaction. A scientist must have the gift of seeing a problem where others see none, of sensing the direction towards a solution where others find no bearings, and of eventually revealing a solution that is a surprise to all.

By contrast, persons engaged in mere surveying enlarge knowledge without being beset by problems, or excited by dawning solutions, and without experiencing triumph or causing surprise by completing their tasks. Surveying is dull because its performance is closely prescribed by rules, while science is and must be exciting, since it relies on largely unspecifiable clues which can be sensed, mobilized, and integrated only by a passionate response to their hidden meanings.

The craving to find strands of permanence in the tumult of changing appearances is the supreme organon for bringing our experience under intellectual control.

– Michael Polanyi




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